July 17, 2024

I HEART Second Graders!!!

I cannot believe it…  about 8 years ago I was teaching the best group of second graders….  Now I have one!!!  I have taught many a grade from k to 3 and second graders were always my favorite.  They still love school, they are still cute and innocent, and they think their teachers and parents are still cool! 

So today marks the last day of first grade for my son.  He looked huge today!  He has grown a ton since the first day.  I really cannot believe it!  This was a great year both academically and socially for him.  He has come a long way!!! 

Here is some of the fun going on here… 

End of Year Gift for his teacher.  Did something similar last year.  If you click here you can see that!  My girlfriend Rebecca is a great girl who makes beautiful jewelery.  After a few years of shopping with her she knows me to a “T”!  I tell her a color and she comes up with something that amazes me.  I love this bracelet…  I wanted to keep it, but I let it go out the door this am.  Check out Rebecca’s store online!

I did a T-shirt last year.  You can see that here.  I wonder how many more years he will let me make him one.  It is a fun way to thank his teacher.  Last year he said that the teacher took him to the principal to show her the shirt. 

I am in to making these little stick your face in signs.  I did one for the kids at the bus stop this year.  The school mascot is Buzzer the Bee!  The kids had fun with this. 

Also made one for Relay for Life!

  Hope you have a wonderful summer!!!!
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