July 12, 2024

Activities for Five Minutes’ Peace

‘PreSchool-Grade 2 Mrs. Large determines to have just five minutes’ peace from the mess and confusion of her beloved children. She fixes herself a tray, runs a tub of lovely warm water, fills it with bubble bath, and hopes for those precious moments alone before facing the day’s activities. The “activities” follow her to the bathroom, where, one by one, they present her with their special talents of playing the recorder, reading aloud, and dumping favorite toys from the toy box into the tub with her. When all three children climb in, Mrs. Large decides, with a groan and resignation, that she will try for five minutes’ peace in the kitchen. Cheerfully bright watercolor illustrations depict this endearing elephant family with distinctive humor and expression, totally complementing the text on companion pages. However, while the text is simplistic enough for primary readers, the humorous depiction of a beleaguered mother is adult-oriented. Some children may wonder why Mrs. Large wants to get away from her children. Nevertheless, a hearty chuckle can be experienced during a shared reading time between a mother and her childrenperhaps eliciting a bit of understanding.’ Mary Lou Budd, Milford South Elementary School, Ohio

Activities to Match This Super Cute Story!

Ask your class why they think Mrs. Large wants to getaway from her kids. The answers are always fun to hear!

Now have the kiddos make a card. On the front of the card, have them draw their mom taking a bath.

Inside the card, put this poem!

Here’s a gift for Mother’s Day.

I try my best in every way.

But if you get upset with me…

Time to relax and soak!! Don’t you agree?

For Mother’s Day, I give you Five Minutes’ Peace!’

(Author Unknown)

Attach to some homemade bath salts.

Click here to learn how to make bath salts

You could attach bath beads or bubble bath.

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