July 17, 2024

Help, Too Much Snow…

It started on Tuesday; the weatherman said we were going to get hit with 8 -12 inches Friday through Saturday. People in my area were rushing to the stores to buy TP, bread, and Milk. I was not one of those people, I thought the weatherman would be wrong and he was wrong. Instead of the predicted 8 to 12 inches the Pittsburgh area got almost 2 feet of snow… My husband measured 30 inches in one area.

Last time I remember this much snow was my Junior/senior year of high school. Here I am standing in my driveway after we had dug out. I was on my way to work at the Baskin Robbins in South Hills Village (which is now a candy shop at South Hills Village). This was Jan. 1993. This is nothing compared to what my parents driveway looks like today.

Here is the same driveway today.  A tree is covering it along with the snow.  The tree had now been removed thanks to help from their neighbor.

Anyhow, back to the present…  Friends were telling me the stores were so crowded…  So I decided to wait till Friday to go to the store.  Then my son woke with a Fever and we were “fever-ed” in.  My hubby did stop at the store to get milk and bread…  but bread and milk don’t help that much when you wake up in the AM to about 2 feet of snow and no electricity or heat.  For lunch on Saturday we had cheese and bread.  I was out of everything… even PB and Jelly.  We finally ventured out to town on Sunday because my son had a terrible ear ache and we were hungry.  The ear ache turned out to be a nasty infection…  We do have food now.

Life is returning to normal… besides no school today and wondering what Tuesday holds.  They say more snow…  There is no place left for the snow to go.  

Here are some pictures of what it looked like here:

Ok, I am ready to get out of here…  Anyone want to go away with me???