August 14, 2022

This Life is Light

I am a Biggest Loser fan… I will be honest and admit: I am the one who eats a handful of M&M’s and watches the show. Anyone else???

That’s not the point of my post…

Last night they played a homecoming song for one of the contestants named Abby. I had to hear all of the song… The song is called Shine by Rosi Golan. I love inspirational songs that make me feel happy about life. Of course I now have it on my ipod, thanks ITUNES!!!

This life is light, It’s light burns bright
So we’ll take it day by day and let it be
And everyone will see how good it feels
Oh they’ll see the world for all that it could be
Let the sunlight in, I wanna feel it from within
You spin me around and make me feel like I could Shine, shine.
So what do you say if the sky turned grey?
With a kiss you’d send the rainclouds on they’re way
This life is light, it’s light burns bright
Every moment is a moment you could say

Abby, just amazed me with her courage to live after the worst imaginable thing happened to her. Just thinking about her tragedy could make any mom and/or wife tear up. Her courage just amazes me. This song is perfect for her story. Of course her story can make any mom realize how blessed they are. It reminds us to be thankful for the moment… as you never know when those moments will be gone.

HERE‘s the week 7 recap, and HERE‘s Curtis Stone’s recipe.