July 19, 2024

Going Back After 15 Years!

We are taking the kids to York, Maine for vacation this year. My hubby vacationed there as a kid growing up… his family still goes there year after year and stays in the same cabin year after year too… unfortunately the beds haven’t been replaced since the 70’s too… so ouch, I am not looking forward to that part. My brother-in-law’s facial expressions when they talk about the comfort of the cabin we will be staying in is enough to make you run and hide… I know the comfort is going to be a problem — but I am staying positive!
My boyfriend (now hubby) took me to York in 1994. Those are the pictures you see above… I remember taffy, long walks on the beach, making him eat crab (which I love and he hates), and him drawing a heart in the sand with our names in it…. Ahhhh, young love!!!
Let’s see 15 years and I guess I should add 50 pounds and 2 kids…may make this trip a bit different. I am cracking up over P’s pants… Ummm…. can you say high waters (click on the pictures to get a better laugh – I mean look). He was a hottie too and still is! 😉 This trip should be such an adventure and so much more different… So do you have any pictures of yourself at one place and then there again a few years later?? Sounds like a fun blog post. Let me know if you do and I will visit!