July 19, 2024

Weight Loss Wednesday – Do you know Dottie?

If you are a Weight Watchers member you should know Dottie. Do you??? Today’s blog is all about Dottie…

Maybe it’s that I have been on WW (Weight Watchers) at least ten times that I know so many tricks… I was super surprised at my last meeting to find out that many people did not know about Dotties Weight Loss Zone. I have been a fan of this site for years… I think I first went on WW when I was a junior in college and DWLZ was around. I also remember mentioning it at a WW meeting back in my second year of teaching (told you I have been on & off the wagon many times) and I was shushed by the leader. She mentioned how WW did not like the site because it encouraged people not to buy the dining out books they sell. So I am always fearful to mention it since then… but I mentioned it last week because they were talking about how it was hard to find points for restaurants and I had to tell everyone about my favorite diet site. The leader was open to me talking about the site. She knew about it… but isn’t it funny how she herself didn’t mention it… why, because they want you to spend nine extra dollars to but the dining out guide… don’t do it!!! You pay enough weekly.

Anyhow, the site is great all over and is worth a surf if you are on a weight loss journey, as I am! The best part is the restaurants section. Look at all those restaurants… it’s hard to find one that is not on this list!!! Here’s the fun part, finding out how many points your food at the restaurant is. Even if you aren’t on WW it’s fun to see. Just know that the average number of points is 16 to 20 a day! I fall around 19 for my points range. So with that in mind click on Outback. How many of you can eat about half a Bloomin Onion on your own??? I will raise my hand… Look at that killer for the whole Bloomin Onion (2310 cal/134 g fat/0 g fiber/241 g carbs) it is 57.5 the points- OMG… So even if you have a little you could easily hit your maximum points for the day. Crazy stuff! Still there are lots of healthy items you can order on the menu and this will show you some choices. Print it out & bring it along to dinner with you…

Want a milkshake after dinner… Click on McDonald’s.
Strawberry Shake: 12 fl oz cup 9 pts
Strawberry Shake: 16 fl oz cup 12.5 pts
Strawberry Shake: 21 fl oz cup 16.5
Strawberry Shake: 32 fl oz cup 24.5

Are you kidding me??? I am not going to waste about half my points for the day on this… doesn’t even taste that great!!! I think I will make this instead!

What I do get at McDees is:
Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich w/o mayo [7.5 oz] (370 cal/4.5 g fat/3 g fiber/51 g carbs) 7 points
Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap with Honey Mustard (260 cal/9 g fat/1 g fiber/27 g carbs) 6 points
Apple Dippers [1 pkg] (35 cal/0 g fat/0 g fiber/8 g carbs) 0.5

How about Starbucks

Thanks to DWLZ.com I get…
Skinny Mocha, Grande (16 fl oz) (130 cal/0 fat/0 fiber/19 carbs) 3 points
and on hot days
Mocha Light Frappuccino w/o whip: Grande (180 cal/1.5 g fat/4 g fiber/36 g carbs) 3 points

I eat at Max and Erma’s at least once a month.
Thanks to DWLZ.com I know I should get…
Shrimp Stack Salad (As served) (322 cal/12.4 g fat/3.3 g fiber/33.4 g carbs) 7 points

Check out Panera
DWLZ helped me pick these as faves:

Half Greek Salad 5.5 points
French Onion (with cheese & croutons) 4.5 points
Half Mediterranean Veggie on Tomato Basil 6 points
Pumpkin Muffie 6 points

Those are just a few highlights from DWLZ. Thank heaven for Dottie… I don’t know the lady but she is on my list of great people! Hopefully, with Dottie’s help I can finally make lifetime. I am thankful to her for sharing such an awesome site with us all!!! Thanks Dot!