July 17, 2024

Upward Basketball Review

I have to give a shout out for a program that my son just finishing participating in. At South Hill Bible Chapel in McMurray, PA my son participated in Upward basketball. Upward is a fun, reliable, passionate and encouraging sports experience for boys and girls, in K5 through sixth grade. Upward provides first class, organized and detailed sports programming in basketball and other sports (cheerleaders too) at a very reasonably price for what you get in return! It was a privilege to be part of this program. My son learned about friendship, sportsmanship and of course basketball- all while getting a chance to learn about God. Through Upward, my son was exposed to quality coaching and sport development.

Upward emphasizes character and integrity. In fact, in order to build self-esteem and team spirit, each participant is awarded a star after each practice and game. The stars are colored and stand for different things: Christlikeness, best effort, best sportsmanship, best offense, best defense, and Scripture learning! My son was thrilled to get the stars and really worked to do his best. He was awarded the Christlikeness Star twice and seemed most excited about that star! We were too – bragging a bit!

The green star is for learning the scripture that is handed out after each weekly hour long practice. The scriptures come on colorful cards that the kids enjoy getting.
The weekly games were so cute. Each child had a nickname and an announcer would yell out their names as they ran through the Upward tunnel and onto the court! So sweet!!! There are also Upward Cheerleaders that cheer at the events — very cute. You could see how each teammate made progress in sports skills throughout the program.

The program at South Hills Bible Chapel was so organized and ran so smoothly! I was very impressed and recommend it to all! Only good things to say! I am catholic and attend another church, so I am not biased in any way! (PS. Their summer camp is also OUTSTANDING!!!)
I really feel my son gained many sports skills as well as skills in faith and character. Upward is a national program and a local church in your area may have it. I highly recommend it!!!