July 17, 2024

Two Year Old Help – Keeping Her Busy!!!

Okay, my daughter can be a bit high maintenance. Basically because she has to be busy all the time and if she is not busy, then she wants to be tickled or starts to bother her brother. As a result, I am always looking for things to keep her busy. My newest find is the dishwasher. One of the things I hate most about the dishwasher is unloading the silverware. My daughter helps me unload the plates by handing them to me when I am unloading. The other day I pulled out my silverware drawer and laid it on the floor so she could unload the silverware too. She loved this and it kept her busy long enough so I could write this blog. I also have to admit that I took some silverware out of the drawer just so she could reload it back into the drawer. Wonder how long this fondness of unloading the silverware will last. Anyhow, maybe this trick will give you a few minutes of Mommy time!