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18 Aug

When my son was 18 months old, I started a playgroup. I was desperate! I had moved back to my hometown and realized… hmmm, all my friends in the area were still busy bar hopping and meeting that perfect guy. I was on a different page in my life. I was married, a mommy, and working from home and needed some sort of adult social interaction besides the few minutes a day I had with my hubby! As a result, I pulled together a few moms I met at the library, one I met at Gymboree, and some I even met online. I invited them to my home to play and that is where our story began. I never dreamed playgroup would become such a big part of my life. I couldn’t imagine these past few years without playgroup. Our group has been together about five years. Playgroup consists of about seven moms and a bunch of kids around the same age. Playgroup has changed over the years, some original moms dropped out and some moved away, and sadly one decided the group wasn’t for them. The first two years we met once a week on Wednesdays at each others homes. We even had playgroup picnics where the dads had a chance to get to know each other. As the kids schedules changed we still managed to get together during summers and even many times without the kiddos. Lucky for me some of the original moms in that playgroup became some of my best mommy friends. We have been through many happy and sad times together. We have helped and encouraged each other. These mommy friends are the people I look to for advice and the people I laugh with!!! Our kids have grown up together. They can’t even remember a life without these friends. Similarly, I can’t remember being a mommy without them, Many of the playgroup kids start first grade this year while a few others begin Kindergarten. It will be interesting to see how their friendships with each other change and to see where the friendships I have with their mothers will go. I am pretty sure many of the moms will always be a part of my life in some way. I hope as our schedules and needs change we will still remain friends to each other and we will continue to encourage our children to love and remember their “first” friends. Who knows in a few years someone might need a prom date!!!

This is a video of our first & second trip to Idlewild Park.