July 23, 2024

Love It – IPOD for your Kiddos

Thought I would share something I love:
If you allow your younger kiddos (ages 2 – 10) to use your IPOD, this is the case you need to keep it safe! We got one recently because we allow our five year old son to watch downloaded shows on it when we are flying or if we are out to eat. Also, our two year old uses it too for the same reasons. Basically one of our take-along babysitters we use in those Mommy and Daddy need a break times!!! The material of the TADPOLE is sturdy and our video IPOD fits right in. The handles on the side are the perfect fit for little hands. It is easy for them to hold and watch a show without accidentally dropping the IPOD. The earphones worked well with our 2 year old, but our five year old prefers the earpods. The IPOD has been a wonderful helper when we are out to eat with the kids and want to stay a little longer than they do. Placing the IPOD in the TADPOLE has made it even better. It’s great to know the IPOD is safe from kiddo accidents. Great buy + Amazon has it at a lower price than most other sites!

For Tips on Using Your IPOD in education, try: