June 16, 2024

Cupid Tells Time Too – Free to Print!

Yesterday I posted my new What’s the Time Valentine’s Day Packet and it has had some great reviews.  Thank you to those that took the time to check it out!  I have a free printable from the set today!!!
Here is one of the sheets from the set and you can have it for FREE because I LOVE TEACHING HEART BLOG readers!!!  Cupid's Day Activity Sheet for Telling Time Practice

telling time activity sheet

Click Here to Download the Free Page and a Preview of the new set!

If you are interested in getting all the fun Valentine’s Day telling time resources you can do so at

TPT – click here!!!


E-Junkie – Click Here!!!

valen-time - What Time Is It, valentine.  Telling Time Printables

Look at the goodies…


For more Valentine’s Day ideas (many free printables), please click here.