July 23, 2024

Ode To Disney World

We headed to Disney the happiest place on Earth.
Mommy and Daddy had been there a few times since their births.
They even had the chance to visit twice together.
This trip however was much much better!
Better because we had the chance to share one of our favorite places with you.
Zachary was excited as ever and Caitlin was too.
From Main Street to the castle, oh what fun.Rides and splashing and fun in the sunMickey and Minnie and all their palsPooh and friends and the Playhouse Disney guys and galsDumbo and a Small World was our first Disney treat!
Still Zachary felt Space Mountain was really neat!!!!
Thunder Mountain roller coaster and the famous Peter Pan.
Then of course there was the Pirates of the Caribbean!
How could we forget Animal Kingdom and Mt. Everest
Zachary conquered the Expedition twice and thought the Yeti made it quite the quest.
Hollywood Studios was our next stop.
Caitlin wished she could stay in a Bug’s Life Play area till it was time to drop!
Zachary & Caitlin loved eating in Cars and watching old movies at the Sci Fi Diner
To them, no dinner could have been finer!
Sadly Epcot would be our last park
Zachary got to go their twice and once in the dark.
We got to meet Donald Duck
O-what luck!
Like Cinderella, our fun would need to end.
So we left with our hearts needing a mend.
In the All Star Disney bus we ventured out
Knowing all our dreams came true without a doubt.