Bulletin Board Ideas and Tips for the K-3 Teacher

Below you will find an organized list of some of the best teacher creations on the Web. Wow, aren't we the creative bunch??? Please send me pictures of your BB's and I will post your creations too.


Note: Stars indicate that a picture will be shown at the link.

May And Summer BBoards


*Lazy Summer Days



*Ocean Friends

*Our Wonderful Wishes

*Teacher Week

*Growing Volunteers!

*Surfing Into "your classes next grade goes here"

Hot Day - Cool Books

Spring Time Ideas


June BB's


March BB's

*St.Patrick's Day/Spring

*We're Hopping Over Our Bunny Tales


*Cow Love

*St. Patrick's Day

*Bunny BB

*Ideas for Spring 3/farm/shirts/merry go round


*In Like a Lion...

*Many April Boards

*Hopping over Bunny Tails

*How Many Shamrocks Tall?

*March Moooves In


*Spring - It is raining cats and dogs. Garden of Books.

*St. Patrick's Day - We Are Golden!

Seeds of Learning


*Grand Behavior

*Reading Sun

Flutter Into Spring


August/ September

*With Hands Together We Welcome All

All Aboard For Another Great Year!

*Back To School Bus

August BB's

September BB's


*Guess Who Board - August or Resource Room

*A Great Line-Up

A Clean Start

*Crosswords Names

*Flip Over School

*Now Playing

*One Cool Class

*School Days

*Welcome Back

*We Have Missed You

Sharp Students
in Room [ ]

*Calendar One

*Calendar Two

*Calendar Three

*Calendar Four

*Calendar 5

*I'm So Hoppy You Are Here Door

Outlast Second Grade? - This is really cute. It is a video and takes some time to load. Well worth it!

*September - Wordwall and Friends Bulletin Board

*Super Second Graders

*Colorful Helpers

*Birthday Dog

*We love Fall

October and November

*Pumpkin Patch Wall

*Dem Bones

*Halloween Book Review

*I Want To Be A ___ For Halloween
*Pre-K is Batty Over Halloween

*Peek-A-Boo K


*Fall BB's

*October BB's

*Fall BBoard

*More Fall BBoards

*Signs of Fall

*Halloween BB's



*November BB's


*2 November

*Thanksgiving Boards

*Turkey Time

*Fire Safety/October Quilt/ Spiders

*October Boards

*Farm Pocket Charts/October Song/

*Turkey GLYPH

*Leaf Poetry

Turkey Board


*Fall Into A Book

*Scare Up A Good Book



*December Cows

*Winter/Christmas BB's

*Snow Theme Table

*Mitten Book


*Winter Boards

*Gingerbread Door

*Seasonal Doors

*Let it Snow/Snowmen

*Christmas Tree

*2 Christmas BB's

*January BB's

*2 Christmas BB's

*Weeee Wish You a Merry Christmas BB

*Christmas Joy BB

*Cool Resolutions

*Marshmellow Snowmen

*Make Martin Luther King

*Snowman Board

*A Toast to the New Year

*Milk Jug Igloo

Polar Express

*Veterans Day

*It's Snow Secret

*Bright Wishes


*Frosty Loves Books



Feb. Boards and Displays

*1 V-Day Board


*Valentine School Board Display

*America's Past...

*Valentine Bears

*Valentine Mail Boxes

*100 Oreo Cookies

*Mr. Groundhog

*100 Art

*Beary Good Poems

*3D V-day Display



*Literacy Centers!

*Word Walls

Various Reading BB's

*Reading Strategies

*A Word Wall

*Literacy Center


*Harry Potter

*Chica Chica ABC's

Cat in the Hat Quilt

*You Can Read

*Popcorn Words

*Dr Seuss Day

*Comprehension Posters

*Miss Nelson is Missing

*I Know My ABC's

*Dive Into Reading

*Betcha Can't Read Just One


*Clown Math BB

*Problem Solving

*1 Math/1 Science

*Drugs are Scarey Door



Various Boards and Displays

*Many Mother Goose Boards

*Mamma Do You Love Me?

*Hairy Bear

*SHH! The Bears Are Sleeping


*Motivational BB's

Drug Awareness

Music BB's

*BB Tips and Tricks

Ideas For BB's

Various Ideas

*Many Pictures

*Olympics 2000 Board

Obey Your Thirst For Knowledge

Student of the week

*What I Learned About Volcanos

*Ocean Friends Theme Table

*Farm Unit Board

*Farm Unit Board 2




*Door Display

*Super Star Behavior Board

Medieval Display

*I Need Help Resource

*Hive Door Display

*Anytime of Year

*Circle of Friends

*BBoard Page

*Homework Monopoly

*100th day of school

*Lady Bugs

Mt.Fuji Haiku Bulletin Board

The One and Only Calligraphy Igloo

Icecream Stories

*Earth Study

*Popcorn Science display

*Jungle Board

Going For The Gold

*Good Manners

*Manner Banner


*First Grade Projects

*Charlotte's Web/Fish/Germs...

*Various BB's

*Strega Nona! / Sports

*Curious George

*Mrs. Main's Class Project

Classroom's Across the Country!

*Pictures of My Room - Resource


Send Pictures of Your Classroom to smilecdg@mailexcite.com and they will be posted here!

Victoria's Grade K Classroom

*Check out this grade 1 classroom

*Mrs Bonthuis Grade K Classroom

Still didn't find an idea? Well, here are some great books that will most certainly help you come up with BB ideas over and over again!

Eye-Popping 3-D Bulletin Boards

25 Totally Awesome & Totally Easy Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards for Every Month

101 Bright Bulletin Board Ideas

Bloomin Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Bored? or Bulletin Boards! : K-12

Bulletin Bored? or Bulletin Boards! : K-12 (School Library Media Series, No. 17)

Creative Resources for Bulletin Boards in the Early Childhood Classroom

Interactive Bulletin Boards : Math

Interactive Bulletin Boards : Septembher to June

Everyday Bulletin Boards

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