June 28, 2022

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

This is a favorite read for the classroom and at home!!!   You can purchase the book at Amazon.  It is a must have for at home and in the classroom!  I wanted to share a few ideas as well as a NEW free printable for you to use with the story!! BEFORE READING Make pumpkin […]

Pumpkins, Scarecrows, Spiders, and More!!

Pumpkins, Scarecrows, Spiders, and More – O MY!!!!   I just posted on the Teaching Heart Mailring the following and thought I would share here so you don’t miss any of the goodies on the Teaching Heart Website or the BLOG!!! Hello to my favorite teachers!!!  The ones with a TEACHING HEART!  Thanks for being part […]

Free First Day Printables For CCD

Today I started back up teaching Faith Formation/CCD to third graders again.  I am excited for another great year.  I wanted to share some printables I use on the first day.  Hopefully they will be found helpful to another CCD teacher!!!  Enjoy!!! Here are the desk tags I use.  You can print them too – […]

Daubing for Apples – Review Game

Love me some Bingo Daubers…  Here’s another activity that fits with a fall apple theme.  All you need is the activity sheet and a bingo dauber.  I programed this activity sheet with things my daughter needed to review.  I would call out an item on the chart and she would have to find it and […]

The Desk Fairy – Resources / Printable Tags

Do you have a  Fairy in your classroom?  She is quite a magical teacher trick.    I started using the desk fairy when I started teaching grade 2 in 2000 and it is amazing how magical she really is!  I would not dare live without her.  She comes in particularly handy before Open House when you need all the desks very […]

September Teaching Heart Treats

OMG, it is September!!!  Where the heck did summer go?  It went way too fast…  but with that said, I LOVE FALL!!!  It’s my favorite season.  So many fun activities one can do in the classroom or at home.  Plus the colors outside and the light nip in the air is wonderful.  Can’t forget all thing […]

Pandamania Printables Treats – Wrapper and A&Wesome Treat

A week of Pandamania is done!  Woot!  I had a blast with the kiddos teaching them the daily bible lesson.  The last day I had them for an hour and 20 minutes and we had lots of fun discussing the bible story of how God gave Hannah a Baby – God Gives Good Gifts – […]

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