July 17, 2024

IXL Holiday Motivation….

I created this class game for IXL to motivate my students and to make IXL more engaging for them. As they get a 90 smart score on assigned task, they sign a graphic. Once all the graphics are signed we open the mystery envelope to see who won what. One of their favorite prizes is keeping the poster. I include other ideas for prizes that are free and inexpensive.

They love doing IXL with this fun board game. It is easy to set-up and makes IXL much more exciting for your students. I love using it as one of my math or literacy centers. All materials are included to make your IXL (Christmas themed) class game board in a snap. Directions for how to play are included. A Thanksgiving themed game board is included as a bonus. I teach third grade; however, it can be used with any IXL skills and any grade level. Hope this makes IXL holiday play more fun for your students! To learn more click here