July 17, 2024

Elf Yourself Writing Project

Looking for a fun activity for the last few days of school before winter break? Want to practice friendly writing? I bet your student want to know what their elf name would be? This will help them find the answer to this question… I have the perfect craft and writing activity for you to make with your students. It makes a great keepsake too!


Elf your students this holiday with this fun project. Includes patterns to make an elf. Also, includes a sheet to find your elf name based on your name and birth month. Includes writing templates / graphic organizers to create a letter to Santa telling him what makes a great elf. I love creating these elves with my third graders and I hope you will have fun creating them with your class. This is always a hit with my students and their parents. Great practice of friendly letter writing too!

This set includes…

Page 3– 7—Pictures of finished projects
Page 8—Template of Elf pieces (students colors and cuts—teacher prints head of student to use in this project—student glues elf together on construction paper)
Page 9—Elf Name Sheet
Page 10—Elf questions for ideas for your letter
Page 11—Rough draft of letter
Page 12—13—Letter Template