July 17, 2024

Halloween Story Problem Craft!

I created this to use in my third grade classroom to help students write their own addition and subtraction story problems.   I combined it with Envisions Math Topic 3.  Page 4 of the PDF has three digit addition with regrouping.  However all the other pages could be used to write  easier story problems or more difficult ones.   This could be used in grades 2-6 as a story problem craft. Also, it can become a fun math center when you are done!

You can learn more about this file by clicking here!

Page 4—Sheet of sample story problems.  I have my students solve these problems and then we discuss what makes them similar.  (examples:  Two statements and a question—Two numbers…)

Page 5—We write story problems together.  One is addition and one is subtraction.

Page 6— This page is the rough draft where students write an addition problem and a subtraction problem.  Then they choose one of these to write on their good copy.

Pages 7 –11—Good copy pages.  Students write their story on one of these pages.  They also illustrate it. 

Pages 12 –13—Four black and white toppers for your students to choose from. 

Page 14—15—Colored toppers to print and use. 

Page 16 –1 8—Turn this craft in to a center when you are done.  Idea on page 16 and recording sheet on page 17 and 18. 

You can learn more about this file by clicking here!