July 17, 2024

An Adventure with Nouns in Third Grade

I had so much fun teaching about nouns last year and look forward to teaching about nouns again this year!!! I used the theme traveling the world when I taught all about the different kinds of nouns. The students even got to take a pretend airline ride around the world as they learned. They loved having their own suitcase and passport for all the lessons.

Students travel and learn about concrete nouns, abstract nouns, common nouns, proper nouns, singular nouns, plural nouns, and possessive nouns.  It’s amazing to watch them just get it with these lessons.

My friend Nancy and I teamed up to make grammar resources last year for our team of nine third grade teachers. All our students had a blast learning about nouns and they rocked state tests with the help of these resources.

I just placed our noun set online. It is a huge resource!!! You can learn more about it by clicking here!

Here is what is included in this large set of lessons and materials: Please see
our other grammar resources for more great lessons that stick!

To Use With All Nouns Lessons:
1.) (MEDIA FILES) PowerPoint and PDF file with links to all media used in these lessons.

2.) Suitcase and Travel Log Pieces (The Travel Log includes all worksheets and center sheets for the activities found through the unit). Once you print it, the students are set for the adventure!

3.) Airline Ticket to start your trip.

Common, Proper, Abstract, Concrete Nouns:
1.) Detailed Lessons that explain all activity sheet, resources, and how to use them.

2.) Common & Proper Nouns Anchor Chart Pieces

3.) Abstract and Concrete Nouns Anchor Chart Pieces

4.) Student notebook page to match lesson

5.) Student abstract concrete word sort page

6.) Abstract and Concrete Noun Quiz

7.) See Passport for activity sheets that go with all lessons 

8.)  See media file for all media used in these lessons

Singular and Plural Nouns:

1.) Detailed Singular/ Plural Lessons that explain all activity sheet,
resources, and how to use them.

2.) Nouns rules posters

3.) Nouns rules notebook posters for student notebooks. 
(Our students love to refer to these when they write). 

4.)  Plural Safari Animals Hunt Card to hang around room for
center—center recording sheet is inside your passports. 

5.) Singular and Plural Nouns Quiz

6.) See passport for activity sheets that go with lessons

7.) See media file for all media used in these lessons

Possessive Nouns

1.) Possessive Anchor Chart Pieces

2.) Student Notebook Page for Possessive Nouns

3.)  Children of the World Cut-outs which will be glued into
the passports

4.) Detailed Possessive Nouns Lesson

5.) Review PowerPoint with recording sheet 

6.) Many of the lessons for Posseive Nouns Use the Book Children Around the World which can be purchased on Amazon.Links to the online book are found in Media Presentation section.

7.) Quiz

8.) See passport for activity sheets that go with these lessons

Learning Objective:
The student will be able to :

1.) define a noun as a person, place, thing or idea

2.) define and identify concrete and abstract nouns

3.) Define singular and plural nouns

4.) Demonstrate correct usage and spelling of regular and irregular plural nouns.

5.) Define and identify singular possessive nouns

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