July 12, 2024

Elapsed Time Math Craft For March…

I love teaching elapsed time in third grade.  I use a strategy called; mountains, hills, and rocks to teach it!  It works like a dream.  You can learn more about the strategy by googling it (the last three pages of my file below also detail the strategy)  if you are unfamiliar.  Click here to download the file and learn more!

After I finish my unit, I like to sum it up with a math craft.  This year and the year before, I ended my unit around one of my favorite holidays, St. Patrick’s Day.  So, I created an elapsed time craft to match this.  I like my students to complete these crafts after they finish their tests.   Click here to download the craft file!!!

Patrick Elapsed Time2

To start I have all the students do pages 4 and 5 of the file.  They must graph the time (you can see my answer Key on pages 14-15 of how I like the sheet done). I often do this as a center before they complete the actual craft.   Once we check the sheet, they pick one of the problems to copy on their craft (many students like to change up the story a bit or some keep it the same).  They rewrite the problem on page 6.  They color and complete this page and then they choose a leprechaun in a jar (there are 6 choices in the file) to color and place above page 6.  There are also plain jars and plain leprechauns if you want to prink the jars and cut out the middles and place the leprechaun inside (I am trying that this year).   These can be displayed on a large piece of construction paper.    Click here to download the file and learn more!

Patrick Elapsed Time

Page 16, 17, and 18 are bonus sheets.  They can be used with the Mountain, Hill, Rock strategy as extra practice.  The first sheet explains the strategy. Click here to download the file and learn more!