June 17, 2024

Who is Under the Sheet Freebie + More!!

ghost under the sheetOh my, it has been since July since my last post.  My life has literally been a roller coaster the last few months…  I got the dream job.  I left a great second grade classroom 13 years ago and here I am back in second grade again.  I was hired 1 day before school started.  Now that I started school successfully with an empty classroom and no lesson plans, I pretty much think I can handle any teacher type of pressure you put on me.  I absolutely adore the school and staff I am working with.  I love, love, love my students!!!  Thank Goodness because to make a long story short…  my life changed drastically a few weeks ago when I walked into an Emergency room at our local hospital to find out that my 63 year young father died of a heart attack while exercising at the gym.   He was the best dad in the world and my heart hurts so much that he is gone.  My world as I once knew it has changed so much, I hardly recognize it.  So… that is why I have not posted in forever.  I hope to share more later, but for now I wanted to share this printable I created for our second grade team.  Maybe you can use it this year or next!!!

We had the students write clues about themselves.  Then they selected a ghost and colored in the shoes.  We glues the child’s picture under the sheet and TA-DA, instant hallway art!


Super cute, right?

Click here to download the printables to make this Ghost Under the sheet!!!

wpid-20151026_175246.jpgThe template for the fact family candy corn is also found here!


I also had the kids make the pumpkin glyph found here.

wpid-20151026_175337.jpgThe haunted houses in this picture are from a very old file that I have had since 1997!  Kids love to make them.  Since we were discussing main idea and detail last week, I added the writing sheet to the bottom of the sheet.  My Main Idea and Details writing sheet can be found here.

fruit snacks graph

We also graphed the Halloween Target fruit snacks.  You can download the sheet we used!

Click here to download spooky fruit snacks sheet!

Roll, Double, Cover

We played roll, double, cover from my Halloween Games back, found here! 

I hope these free goodies make your Halloween even more fun!