July 17, 2024

Summer Sand Pail Bucket List Activity

One of the most popular free downloads is our summer bucket printable that is both a math and creative writing activity…  Plus, it’s a craftivity too.  This year I used it to end the year in third grade.  The third graders loved making the glyph and then writing their bucket lists.  I added an extra page so that they could write about how they would imagine their summer to be.  I created a rough draft form.  I also created a center sheet in case you wanted to post these and have the students use them for an activity!  You can click here for a preview of what is in the set…  If you wish to have the set, click here! Summer Bucket Pail Resourcessummer bucket listBucket Summer Writing Activity!Bucket Summer

I love the way they turned out.  They all went home with the kids on the last day of school and I bet many of them will be kept in a special place to enjoy in years to come.  Here is what you will find in the new set…

Page  5:  Questions and answers for younger students to complete
before you have them color their glyph. (NEW Not in
free download)

Page 6 and 7 – Glyph parts.  I usually copy these two
pages on cardstock.

Page 8 – Summer bucket writing portion rough draft.  I
have the student complete this.  Next, I quickly check it
before they do the writing portion of this activity. (NEW Not
in free download)

Page 9 – I usually copy this on regular paper and the student
copies their rough draft onto this.

Page 10- 11 – I imagine my summer will be writing prompt
section.  Have students write about what they think their
summer will be like. Extra blank sheet with lines that you can
copy as needed.   (NEW Not in free download)

Page 12 – Summer Bucket Class Data Center Sheet.  Display
the finished buckets and they can become a math center if you
have the students complete this sheet.(NEW Not in
free download)

Page 13 – A Key to display with the glyphs.  (NEW Not
in free download)

Page 14 – Another key for display.

If you wish to have the set, click here! It’s perfect for summer school too or Sunday School!