June 17, 2024

Spider Craft and Halloween Party Time!

It’s that time of year…  when teachers and homeroom moms frantically look for some fun ideas to use on Halloween with their little monsters.

Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Here’s an easy craft.  Beaded Pipe Cleaner Spiders.
You need four black pipe cleaners and 24 beads of an any color.

Pipe Cleaner Spiders Craft1

For each spider, gather four pipe cleaners in a bunch. Bend the bunch in half and then tightly twist the section near the fold several times to shape a slender spider body.

Craft Spider

Separate the pipe cleaner ends to create the spider’s legs.spider

Slide a couple of beads onto each leg and push them up close to the body. Then bend each leg 2 inches from the body and slide a couple more beads up to the joint.

Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Super easy and fun for many ages and grades!

Halloween Worksheets easy

Need some printable games and centers for this week of Halloween fun?  Check out all the goodies in this set…

Fall and Halloween Centers and Games

All of these come from this set!   You can get it here at E-Junkie or here at TPT! 

Fall Centers for First Grade

It has tons of centers and game printables perfect for a first or second grade classroom.  Some of the ideas can be used in Kinder and third as well!All of these come from this set!

You can get it here at E-Junkie or here at TPT! 

Fall Halloween Centers Second Grade