July 23, 2024

Pumpkin Packet for Preschool and Kindergarten

Pumpkin Printable Activities for Preschool and Kidergarten Just finished a packet with a pumpkin theme for Preschool and Kindergarten.  I love this packet, it has so many hands-on ideas to use with a pumpkin theme!  Great for fall learning.  Check out all it includes:

  • Page 6.  Five Little Pumpkin Manupulatives to use to retell the poem found on page 7.
  • Page 7.  Five Little Pumpkins Poem with coloring page.
  • Page 8 and 9.  Five Little Pumpkins Counting Flap Book.  Students color and trace.
  • Page 10.  Counting Puzzle to print.
  • Page 11 and 12. Counting puzzle to color and glue to page 12
  • Page 13. Number writing and one to three worksheet.
  • Page 15 and 16.  Pumpkin Sequencing Pocket Chart Pieces to use when teaching about the pumpkin life cycle.
  • Page 17 and 18. Pumpkin Sequencing activity.  Students sequence the cycle in order.
  • Page 19. Cut, Count, and Graph the Pumpkin Life Cycle Worksheet
  • Page 20 .  Pumpkin Life Cycle Mini Book for students to color.
  • Page 21 and 22.  Once I Planted a Pumpkin Seed Mini Book.  Students Color and Trace and bring home to share and read.
  • Page 23. Pumpkin Pals Glyph Activity.
  • Page 24.  Pumpkin cut and paste 10 frames worksheet.
  • Page 25 26 and 27.  Pumpkin Rhyming activities.
  • Pages 29 and 30. Pumpkin Themed Play-dough Mats.
  • Page 31.  Five Pumpkins on a Gate Dice Game.  Have students take turns rolling the dice and matching the picture to the number rolled.  First person to roll the gate and five pumpkins, wins!
  • Page 32. Square Pumpkin Counting Puzzles one to six.
  • Page 34 and 35. Life Cycle Sequence Puzzles one to six.  Great for an independent center.
  • Page 36. Beginning Sound Pumpkin Patch Match Up—Students match the pumpkin Page 37 to the picture that matches the beginning sound
  • Page 36.  Student covers the picture with the pumpkin letter.  When finished the patch is filled with pumpkins.

I know, WOW for learning fun!

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Five Little Pumpkins Printables

PPumpkin Themed PrintablesAnd More Pictures + a Free Printable from the packet at the end of this post!









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Free Pumpkin ten Frames from Teaching Heart

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