July 23, 2024

Fall Fun Snacks – Trees!

Apple Tree Snack From Teaching Heart

A is for Apple!  Here is a fun snack that you can have your students make…  Just supply 2 crackers, 2 pretzel sticks, six Fall themed M&M’s and some green icing.
Go along well with an Apple Theme!


I plan to supply the pieces in a baggie and have the students put their own trees together!


Cute snack and yummy too!  You can even add some bears to hang out around the tree.  They have the apple Teddy Grahams by Honey Maid out now that would go well with the theme…  Or any Teddy Grahams will do!


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The Fall M&M’s are out!  Here is a fun snack time activity using them.  Preschoolers can practice one-to-one correspondence by adding a leaf (M&M) to the tree.
This printable below is found in our leaf packet!

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