July 23, 2024

CCD or Sunday School Survival Treat

CCD Survival Kit Sunday School Treat!

Starting my fourth year of teaching CCD on Sunday!  I revamped my old first day survival kit (click here to see the old one)!

CCD Survival Kit Sunday School Treat

What’s in the bag this year???

Hug – To remind you to hug yourself by
being kind and  by copying the way
Jesus treated others.

Gum – To remind you to stick with God and you can accomplish anything!

Pen – To remind you to list your blessings every day.

Toothpick – To remind you of the wood on the cross.  Always remember the sacrifices Jesus made because he loves you!

Silly Band – To remind us to be
flexible to God’s plan for us.

Eraser – God forgives our sins.  We must do the same for others and ourselves!

Glow stick – Let God’s light shine through you so that all people you see will be
reminded of God’s love.

Starburst – After class go home and be a Star!  Burst through your home sharing at least one thing you felt or learned in class.

Bookmark – To remind you that we hear lots of bible stories in class, but it is also important to read the Bible at home.

Just a fun way to share a little preview of the fun to come in the year ahead.

Hug – To remind you to hug yourself by

I invite you to use and download my tags for the gift bags.

Click Here to Download CCD Survival Bags!