July 12, 2024

Rhyming Daily with Rhyming Fun!!!

I have a new packet I just uploaded…Rhyming Fun and Daily Rhyme ActivitiesClick here for a preview of this set!

Daily Rhyme  Sheets and Various Rhyming Practice Activities. The ability to recognize and produce rhyming words is an important phonological awareness skill. Research indicates there is a correlation between phonological awareness and reading ability. These  activities will ensure that your students get the extra practice with rhyming and thus becoming good beginning readers. Below is a list of the activities you will be able to download if you get  this set. Please note that I provide these files zip so that I  can put them in word or publisher as well as PDF. If you have  word and/or publisher this will allow you to modify the sheets.  If you do not have Word or Publisher that is ok because all the  files are in PDF as well!

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PDF and Publisher File: 18 pages (If you have Publisher you will be able  to modify these files to meet your needs).

4.) Rhyme Cut  and Paste—Student cuts pictures out and puts them under the
word they rhyme with.

5.-7.) Rhyming Board Game—Print and laminate. Cut out the card sets.
Students turn over a set a words, read the words, if the words
rhyme, they may spin and move their piece.  First person to
the finish wins!

8., 9., 10.)   Rhyme Time Sheets—Students are given tow words.  They
must cut out six words and pick which given word rhymes with
their cut-outs.  They glue the words in the correct box.

11, 12) – Rhyme  Picture Puzzles—Print these and laminate them.  Cut out
the puzzles and store in an envelope.  This becomes a center
students can take to their desk and complete.

13.) Flip Flop  Rhyming Activity Sheet—students reads a word and then write
a word that rhymes with the word they read.

15., 16., 17.,  18.) – Rhyming Center—Includes rhyming mat, rhyming cards,
and a student record sheet.  Directions for activity are
included on page 15.

Daily Rhyme  Sheets in Word and PDF—(If you have Word you will be able to  modify these sheets! )

100’s of primary  grade words can be derived from the following set of rhymes.
There is one sheet per rhyme. It asks the student to complete
three paper and pencil activities. These sheets are great for
bell work or small group practice. It is a good idea to discuss
the sheets before and after they are done by the students.

Daily Rhyme
Sheet For The Following Word Families

1,)ack 2.)ail
3.)ain 4.)ake 5.)ale
6.)ame 7.)an 8.)ank 9.)ap  10.)ash 11.)at 12.)ate

13.)aw 14.)ay  15.)eat 16.)ell  17.)est 18.)ice 19.)ick
20.)ide 21.)ight  22.)ill 23.)in

24.)ine 25.)ing 26.)ink 27.)ip 28.)ock 29.)oke 30.)op 31.)uck 32.)ug
33.)ump 34.)unk

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