June 26, 2022

More Fun with Frogs!

Whose feet are sticking out of the mailboxes?  It’s Froggy all ready to go home and play…  Check out the template to make your own here.

How about a frog on a log snack…  You can make math fun out of it too.  Give each student 2 logs (graham crackers) and some green M&M’s.  Squirt chocolate icing on the logs and have the students put their frogs on a log.  How many can they get on one log.  If they add both logs up how many altogether?  Now eat!  The kids loved these and they were easy to make.

To go along with the frog on a log, let’s make a Speckled Frog on a Log eating flies!

All you need is a toilet paper roll (that is the log), a paper frog (dollar store), pipe cleaner, and a string with paper fly at the end.  Then the kiddos will need little dots (dollar store) to cover the frog in.  Then you have a Speckled Frog on a log that can move and eat flies.  The kids enjoyed this craft!!!

Want to give a shout out to the youtube video below.  My Pre-K students LOVED this one…  They all knew the words and were singing it on their own.  Actually I am still singing it!

Also had a great time with these homemade book puzzles.  I just found a picture of a Froggy book cover online.  Printed it on a grid with numbers and the kiddos put them together.

Also our flip book was lots of fun too…  Kids trace numbers and the words.  As they flip flies disappear because the frog below is catching them!!!  You can get the printable for the book below – here!

Come get our froggy packet for PreK and Kindergarten!

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Froggy fun is done for now…  Moving onto rainbows!