June 17, 2024

Gingerbread Counting Game

I have a free game for you to print and use.  It will help with counting and sorting review.

The Gingerbread Man Game.

The object is to collect as many Gingerbread Men as you can.

 To play:

Shuffle cards face down in center of two to four players.

Players take turns drawing one card. 

If they draw a gingerbread man card they keep the card.

If they draw a heart card, they keep that card.

If they draw a fox, they must put all the gingerbread and heart cards they have collected back into the pile.

If they draw part of the house, they place it face up in the center so that players can build the puzzle as they play.

The game is finished when the six pieces of the house are put together in the center of the table.  Finally, players count up all their gingerbread men they have collected.  Heart cards are not part of the count.  The player who has the largest amount of gingerbread men is the winner.   (Below you see one player has a score of 6 and another of 8)

 *OPTIONAL—Page 7 includes a sorting card you can use if you choose.  Give each player a sorting card to lay the cards they collect as they play.  This is an optional card and does not need to me used to play.

Click to download Gingerbread Counting Game!

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