July 23, 2024

Crack the Code K Sight Word Activity

I made some sight word activities for my daughter to review her Kindergarten Sight Words.  I figure I will add the first grade words as we go through the summer break.  Here is a crack the code activity sheet I made her.  She loves these now that she know her words pretty well.  I have made her many that I hope to someday put in a Kindergarten Sight Word Packet with lots of other fun ideas.   So, here is one for you to download and use for free. 

 Click > crackcodesightword1 to download the sheet above. 

Check out what I think are the 7 words all Pre-k Students should know before they start K.

Have an old Candyland Board?  Click here to learn how you can use it to practice sight words.

Click here to check out my Sight Word Pin Board for lots of ideas.

 If you enjoy this free printable and want more ready to print, check out our Sight Word Packet Here…