June 18, 2024

Candy Land Beginning Sounds Edition

A few weeks back I shared pictures of the Sight Word Candy Land Game I made for my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher here.  I couldn’t resist making another when the boards were on sale at ToysRus last week for 5.99.  Below is the Beginning Sounds Edition I made for my favorite Pre-K Teacher…  Below that are downloads for the free printables to make your own Beginning Ssounds Candy Land.  Played just like Candy Land except when the child draws the card they must either name the beginning sound of the picture, tell a word that begins with a given sound, or tell if the two pictures have the same or different sound.  Once the child has done the task on  the card, they may move the colored spaces on the card. 

Click Here To Download the Files to Make Beginning Sounds Candy LAnd!!!

If you enjoy that and want more ready to print, check out our Sight Word Packet Here…

Have fun!