June 25, 2022

Common Core Packs Contest…

It’s been some time since I have done a contest!!!  Looks like we need to get one up and running.  Actually I have two this week that I will post. 

First up is a Common Core Packet of your choice from my friend Charity at the Organized Classroom Blog!  I love a great idea when I see it and these Common Core Packs look like one to me!!  Seems they would make life easier for all who wish to try them out!  Here are some pictures from her Kindergarten Leveled packet…



Charity shows you one of the packs here in this You Tube Video…

How could you not live without this if you are using the Common Core Standard???  Seems to me it will make life easier for you?? 

Common Core Standards Lesson Packs

If you are using, or going to adopt the Common Core Standards, you are going to want to make your life a while lot easier by checking out these lesson planning packs for grades K-5! The standards used are the National Common Core State Standards – if you are unsure whether your state has adopted them, please check THIS MAP for more information.

I am sure after all that you are so excited about this packet???  You can win one here on Teaching Heart this week!!!  Just need to do two things to enter. 

 1.) Make sure you are a Facebook fan of Teaching Heart (click here and then click like) so you can hear about other giveaways. 

 2.)You may enter one time today, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (6th through the 9th)  by filling out the form below. 

Charity is kindly going to give out one packet to three lucky winners.  Best part is you get to choose anything from here if you win.   All winners will be notified on Friday, February 10, 2012!  That’s three winners… so enter and you may be one of the lucky three. 

Remember you entry does not count if you are not a Teaching Heart FAcebook Fan

Good Luck!!!