July 23, 2024

Inexpensive DIY Christmas Treats

I have some ideas for  inexpensive do it yourself Christmas gifts you can make right now.  They are great for neighbors, mail-person, teachers, friends and anyone else you need a quick gift for to let them know you are thinking of them.  Print the files and get the little treats and fill up a basket of gifts for giving out to your favorite peoople.  The ideas are below and if you would like to purchase the tags and other winter DIY printables, click here. 

I will start with a free one you can print and use today!!!

BONUS: Chip and Dip Neighbor Gift.  You can download and print the tag here for free!!!  Hope you “dip” into a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

1.) We WHISK You a Merry Kissmass.  Just a dollar store whisk filled with Hershey Kisses.  The tag is super cute!

2.) May Your Christmas Be Filled With Light.  Just a small Christmas scented candle with a cute tag attached. 

3.) MAy your cup be filled with Christmas Cheer.  Fill a mug or cup like below with candy and attach a tag!

4.)A dish towel set with a cute tag with a holiday poem…  So cute!

5.) May you wrap-up a wonderful Christmas – Dollar store wrapping paper and attach a cute tag.

6.) Give the gift of reading – any book and a cute tag. 

7.) – Oven Mitt Gift – Got the oven mitt at the dollar store and I added spaghettie and pesto sauce.  Dinner is ready over the busy holiday!

8.) I’d have to be nuts to miss the chance to wish you a Merry Christmas. – My favorite nuts with cute tag attached!!!  I have a great recipe you could attach too.

I just love little treats like this!  They were fun to make and if you would like to have the tags on each item, click here to learn more!!!  You can make each one and store them in a basket by your door for times when you need a quick gift for a party or coffee you are heading to.  Or if you are ready to order the tags now, click here and get them instant download.

These sayings are really cute aren’t they?  Here’s a link to a site that give you over 100 simple gift ideas and sayings to match!!! 

I hope you will also look at the other ideas here and purchase the packet to make your holiday treats!!!    I wish all the Teaching Heart Teachers out there a wonderful Holiday Season!