June 17, 2024

Time to Switch With The Witch…

Trick-or-Treating finished up around 8 on Monday night.  The kids each had about four choices of candy then and I kindly added candy in their lunch boxes for Tuesday.  When they arrived home on Tuesday from school, the snack of the day was… CANDY!  After dinner, more candy… Today will follow the exact same pattern until this mommy says…  “STOP, that is quite enough”.  I would like my kiddos to keep their healthy bodies and my five year old just had a cavity filled…  Plus mommy and daddy tend to do some picking when the kiddos go to bed.  Those fun size bars really aren’t so fun when you find that just one is never enough.  I struggle keeping weight off and do much better if I cannot have access to the junk in my house.  So, tonight is the night.  We will read the Switch Witch story and they will pick out 15 pieces of candy from their loot.  The rest will be left out for the witch to switch with a toy.  When they awake in the AM the candy will be gone and replaced with a toy. 

My son isn’t too keen on this idea like he use to be…  He spent an hour last night sorting his candy and graphing the results.  He feels 200 candy bars is worth more than a toy…  O, well, it is what it is and tonight I become the Switch Witch.  I will neatly pack up the candy for my hubby to lay out at work Thurs. AM and relace it with a toy in their candy bowls. Yes, many tell me… Just freeze it and use in favor bags… but I have been known to eat frozen candy.  Actually , I think it is better that way.  Just get it out of my house before I need to go up a size in my jeans!

I really suggest getting the book and starting this tradition in your home!!! 

“The Switch Witch lives in Hallow Heights which is a little island in the sky by the moon. The Switch Witch loves candy. All witches love candy, but the Switch Witch loves candy the most and she has the biggest candy stash of all the witches. Do you know how the Switch Witch gets her gigantic candy stash? The Switch Witch gathers most of her candy for herself and all the witches and cats on Halloween night. (Did you know that witches’ cats love candy too? They only eat milk chocolate though as it has delicious milk in it! –this is true only for witches’ cats though!). So, here is how the Switch Witch gets her candy: late Halloween night, when all the children are sleeping, she visits the houses of children who choose to switch their candy for a toy. How does she know which ones are switching their candy in? A child puts a piece of candy on the door (of their room or house) to let her know that they want to switch. The Switch Witch flies from building to building on her broom, with her black cat Corn (as in Candy Corn) on the back. They come in through a window. They fly in through the window with magic- the window does not need to be open. She takes all the candy the child puts out and puts it into a sac that Corn holds open for her in his mouth. Then she ties the candy bag to the end of the broom. She takes out a shiny black bag that is full of toys. She leaves one toy for the child to thank them for the candy. Then she leaves just as quickly as she came: on her broom, out to visit other children and perform more switches. By early morning, she and Corn return home to Hallow Heights where she sorts all the candy into large glass jars. That night, all the other witches come to visit and the Switch Witch doles out the candy they want. They eat their candy with her, share stories of Halloween, hear about what toys she brought to the children and come back night after night for a treat. You know how most pictures of witches are flying near the moon? That’s because they are on their way to Hallow Heights to visit the Switch Witch and share in her gigantic candy stash. By next Halloween, the Switch Witch has run out of candy and goes back out to do her switches.”