July 23, 2024

Matching Pairs Printable Game

Here’s a fun game I created for the Daisy Troop I am co-leading.  It’s for our first meeting…  Thought I would share.  This would be great for the classroom as well.

Ways to play

-Play with a group of kids

1.) Print out, cut, and place each card in an envelope.
2.) Give each child an envelope.
3.) Tell the kiddos that when you tell them they may open their envelope and look at the picture.  Then they must look around at their friends pictures and find the one that matches.  Once they find the person who has the picture that matches their picture they should come back to the group together to share their match.


Play with 1 0r 2 people.

1.) Print out all the cards, mix them up, and have players work together to find all the matches. 
Have fun playing!