June 16, 2024

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

This is a favorite read for the classroom and at home!!!   You can purchase the book at Amazon.  It is a must have for at home and in the classroom!  I wanted to share a few ideas as well as a NEW free printable for you to use with the story!!


Make pumpkin cutouts and place the following words onto the cutouts;

afraid, cottage, sliver,

Talk about the words. Write them in sentences.


During the start of the story the little old lady runs into a pair of shoes. What is unusual about these shoes? Would you be scared if a pair of shoes was following you?

After the pumpkin says, “Boo, Boo!” in the story ask the students to tell you what they think will happen on the next page?

On the thirs to last page the little old lady whispers something to all the objects. What do you think her idea was? What would be your idea?

On the next page, the lady looks out the window. Before turning the page ask the students to make predictions on what she might see.


When the pumpkin’s head shouted, “Boo, Boo!” the little old lady ran off. Have children brainstorm other situations that are made more frightening with sounds. Then play the following Halloween soundtrack and have children guess harmless ways the sounds could of been made.

Complete this activity sheet as a class.

You can click here to download it and use it!  ENJOY!!  Also, you can find more story ideas here!