August 8, 2022

Learning Fun With Halloween Yum!

There is lots of fun to be had with all the yummy Halloween Themed Treats!!!  Many activity sheets can be found on this page at Teaching Heart – click here…  Below are sneak peaks of all that can be found here. 

There are lots of Dem Bones Sheets and I will tell you all about them here.

I have the students color the graph to match the bones in their bag. When they are done, they switch graphs with a neighbor. The neighbor completes the graph questions on their friend’s graph.






Jet Puff Mallows  – If you follow the link you can find a download of three activity sheets to match these yummies.


Use the Jet-Puffed Ghost Mallows to complete these math activities.


 ACTIVITY 1:  SORTING AND GRAPHING SHEET:  Purchase Jet-Puffed Ghost Mallows at your local store during the fall season.  Place a few in a cup for each student.  First have the students sort their ghosts, next have them complete the graph.


ACTIVITY 2:  Ghost EQUATIONS:  Split students into groups of two.  Supply each team 12 ghot in a cup and 1 dice.  Each student should complete their own ghost equation sheet (page 4). 


The first student rolls the die, and counts out that many marshmallow ghosts.  Each student writes the number on his/her equation sheet.  Then the second student rolls the die and counts out that many ghosts.  Each child writes that number on his/her equation sheet.  The plus sign and equal sign are already on the sheet.  Then they combine their marshmallow ghosts to see how many they have in all.  Last, they record their answer.  After putting the ghosts back in their cup they follow the same procedure to write their next equation.  Each pair of students needs to do five equations.  Then they work together to read & complete the tasks below the equations.  

Above are just two of the free and fun activities you can find here on Teaching Heart!!!