July 23, 2024

Easy Pumpkin Pie in a Cup With Printable

One of my favorite classroom activities this time of the year is making Pumpkin Pie in a cup.  Students get a kick out of “cooking” in their classroom.   You will be surprised how many kiddos never tried pumpkin pie.  Many that have may not like it, but most kiddos like this recipe.  I always make all the kiddos make the recipe and at least try it.  If they do not like it, that is okay.  You will need per chef.  1 Pudding cup, 2 Tbls of Pumpkin Puree, crushed graham crackers or Teddy Grahams for dipping, spoon, cup large enough to mix. 

I usually set up an assemply line on a long table or three seperate tables.  Students collect their cup and spoon.  They empty the pudding cup in their cup.  They use a measuring spoon to measure out two tablespoons of Pumpkin.  They mix and finally add a Tablespoon of Crushed Graham Crackers.  If you would rather make it more of a dip, have each student place 10 Teddy Grahams in the cup for a dip in the pumpkin pie. 

Now the tasting begins…    I created an activity sheet you may want to check out and use after you have fun making your pie.  You can print it for free here!!!

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