July 17, 2024

The Desk Fairy – Resources / Printable Tags

Do you have a  Fairy in your classroom?  She is quite a magical teacher trick.    I started using the desk fairy when I started teaching grade 2 in 2000 and it is amazing how magical she really is!  I would not dare live without her.  She comes in particularly handy before Open House when you need all the desks very tidy!  I always loved the looks on my students face when they would find this poem attached to a small treat.    They were amazed that a Fairy had stopped by and picked their desk to earn the award.  After the first visit of the Deskarella, the Desk Fairy, all the kiddos that were not given a treat made sure to keep their desks clean in hopes she would come again when they least expected it.  To the left are the tags I have used to attach to a small treat.  Just slip it into the desk when the kids are not around.  Click here to print a set for free. 

It is not a new idea but something many teachers have done in their classroom with great success.  I am so happy to see it made into a book.  It’s just a perfect way to introduce the Fairy to your students.   After explaining what you expect of a clean desk to your students tell them about The Desk Fairy and read them the new Children’s book The Desk Fairy by Connie Schnoes.  This book encourages your students to keep a tidy desk by introducing them to the Desk Fairy.  I bet you can guess what her vey favorite thing in the whole wide world is????  Yep, CLEAN DESKS…  She even leaves a surprise behind when she finds a clean desk.  The book goes on to show the students what a clean desk might look like.  The illustrations and the fun wording of the text make it easy for students to understand what a clean desk should look like.  The book encourages the children to clean up their desk every night because you never know what night the desk fairy may choose to visit your classroom.  The Desk Fairy book is such a fun way to introduce the concept of a clean desk to your classroom.  The kids love the Desk Fairy and the book is a great way to introduce a teachers favorite trick!!!

Also, the book Pigsty as seen below is another great story to read to your students when discussinga clean area.

 Happy Clean Desk!!!