July 23, 2024

Silverlicious Game Board Review….

My five year old is a HUGE Pinkalicious fan.  We loved the Silverlicious book and were excited to try this game.  The game board and its pieces are very attractive just like the Pinkalicious stories. However; game play of this game is not “so easy-licious”…  Too bad they didn’t ask for assistance from a mom with a four to five year old when creating this game…  However, we changed the rules to the game and then had a great time playing.  If your child cannot read, you will need to play with them for sure.  You must read each card to know what to do while playing the game. 
Here is how we played.  There are three paths that one of three pieces can choose to follow to the end of the game.   Have each player choose a piece.  They follow that path to the top to win.  Before they can win they need to collect four silver coins along the way.  They pick cards from their pile (each player should pick a pile of cards to draw from) along the way that tells them what to do.  Once they make it to the top of the board game play is over and they are the winner.  The cards are very cute and ask each player to do cute things… like draw Toothina, tell the name of Cupid in Silverlicious, write a note to a family member about why you love them, or say something nice to a player…  Once you complete the task on the card, the card tells you how many spaces to move.  We enjoyed the game playing it  this way and have played it many times.  I would recommend the game if you don’t mind making up your own rules for game play.  The board and playing pieces were well thought out but the game rules are a little difficult.  I would still purchase this game for a Pinkalicious fan, I would just play it differently.