July 19, 2024

Tons of Quick Christmas Treats…

Here are a few quick Christmas treats!! 

**Remember the Gingerbread House Party here?  We had a neighbor that could not come so I packed up the house with a package of icing and some candy for decorating.  My neighbor and her kids were thrilled to work on the house together.  I thought this would make a cool gift for a neighbor with kids.

**For my daughter’s preschool class of 9, I ordered the $1.00 Scholastic Book, Bear’s First Christmas.  I had a recording of the story so I added that and a few of her favorite Christmas songs to a CD and came up with this treat…   Total cost $13.00!
**For a larger class, try reindeer food.  You can see it and get the printable here. 
Total cost for 20+ kids…  $4.00
**Here’s a smaller printable that can be printed on an olive container or large shaker lid.  I made it for a girlfriend that was in a last minute pinch and you lucky ones get it for free by clicking here.
**I just made my brother a Starbucks Coffee Tumbler using Snapfish’s free template here.  Buy the $9.99 photo tumbler at Starbucks and then go to Snapfish and create the free printable tumbler insert and make your own custom mug!  You can add 1-7 photos and a title.  LOVE IT!!!
**Quick Teacher Gift.  I like to do something little for my son’s teacher besides donating to the class gift.  This year I ordered a Starbucks kids hot chocolate for my daughter.  Washed out the cup and stuck a gift card for Starbucks and some candy in the cup.  Attached a tag that reads, “Thanks A-Latte for Being a Great Teacher”  Merry Christmas.  Here is what that looks like! 
**Also, here’s a fun gift card tree for a teacher or someone you can collect many gift cards for.  My fellow room mom put this one together.  Isn’t it cute?  I really want to make one next year for someone!!!
**I love my mail lady…  she takes major abuse considering she has to deal with my mailbox stuffed with Teaching Heart CDROMS. Sometimes she even walks up the steps and hand delivers my mail if I have a package.  She always seems happy.   I hope when she opens the box and this pops out, it will make her smile.  It’s some candy and yes, a Starbucks gift card! 
**On my way to my son’s school… I find that if I bring cookies in a tin to the secretary that has to take my ID she is happier the next time I have to come in.  I have over 20 dozen cookies. 10 different kinds.  They make a nice cookie tin! Don’t forget the school janitor, neighbors, and the bus driver…   I gave away about 15 dozen cookies in tins and left the rest for Christmas eating…  Luckily I got a stomach bug this past weekend that helped me loose about 10 pounds and luckily I have kept it off for three days and will probably gain it back in cookies and eggnog after the holiday.  You have seen my egnog recipe, right
Also, I have to give a shout out to my girlfriend’s blog post here on the awesome cookie exchange she attended.  You know I love a cookie exchange and this one looked like a good one…  Her post
includes a really cute recipe for a Gingerbread Martini…  Look at the little Gingerbread man she stuck on top.  He’s so cute floating there.  
Years past I had some fun gift ideas like the Grinch Suitcase, Elf Napkin RingsEasy Homemade Gifts, and the Dip Gift !  Check them out!
Also be sure to check out these wonderful ideas!  Tip Junkie also has a list of great ideas found around the blogging world. 
Maybe I gave you an idea for a last minute gift…  Maybe I gave you an idea of something you would like to bookmark for next year.  In the spirit of giving I hope you click away with a treat.  Thanks for being a reader of this blog!