June 17, 2024

Moo… It’s Monday!!! Swith that candy with the Witch!!!

No matter how high I put that bowl of candy…  I can still hear it calling my name.  One more day and my kids will pick out 12 pieces and the rest will go to work with Daddy!  Not only does it call my name…  It knows the name of my kids.  Thus, my kids are sneaking candy and asking for it non-stop! 

This article will help you realize that candy is no good…

It tells us the facts:

-The average child gains 2.2 pounds of weight all because of the candy!!!  They don’t tell us what the adult gains…  How many pieces have you had today.  I have had three pieces…  UGH!!!!

-“This is according to a seven-year study by the University of Colorado, which also found the average Halloween haul of sweet stuff in a single evening is 22 pounds, about the candy limit most experts recommend for one year. And that doesn’t even address the parental weight gain that results from dipping into the treat basket. “

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Have you heard of the Switch Witch???  My neighbor was telling  me about this and I am thinking of doing this!  You may want to get the book below too and start this Holiday Tradition with your kids.