June 24, 2024

Free Turkey Phonics Printable (Beginning Sound)

My four year old is working on letter sounds.  I made her this large printable game.  Each Pilgrim has a letter.  There is a pumpkin with a picture for each Pilgrim.  To play you must match the picture on the pumpkin to the beginning sound on the Pilgrim.  My daughter loves her new game.

To make it:  Just print this file (click here).  Cut and glue the Pilgrims to a large poster board.  Place Velcro on each pilgrim and each pumpkin.

Classroom:  Great game for prek-first graders.  You can use it as a center or a take it to your seat activity. 
Make couple and let the kids work together in teams to give each pilgrim the correct pumpkin. 

If you like this, there is a similar game in out Winter Warm Up Packet – Click here to see that!