July 12, 2024

Christian Christmas Children’s Book Review

Pretty soon we will pack up the Fall books and bring out all the winter and Christmas stories.  Here’s a new one I just reviewed for the Amazon.com Vine program.  I really enjoyed it and thought I would share it with you!

17 Christmases is a Christmas adventure for a family that goes on a holiday road trip to visit relatives and friends in 17 states.  They start in California make their way all over the USA seeing new things and experiencing how Christmas is different depending on where you live.  One thing that remains constant is the celebration of the birth of Jesus by their family and friends no matter what state they are in.  We enjoyed reading this especially because my eight year old son loves Geography.  They discuss 17 states and many of which we were familiar with and the ones we weren’t we learned a little about.  My 4 year old daughter enjoyed the story.  The text is fun to read with the rhyming on each page.  The illustrations do a good job of showing what a certain state may look like at Christmas Time. Then the ending of the story finds the little boy thankfully climbing into bed in his home state saying, “I thank God for Jesus and family galore, For seventeen Christmases—never a chore.”  I highly recommend this Christmas story especially if you find yourself traveling from place to place to celebrate the birth of Jesus. 
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