June 17, 2024

Moo… It’s Monday!

Let’s talk about plateaus!  Because I have been stuck on a diet one for several weeks and quite frankly is sucks and is so frustrating.  It’s like my body won’t let me go where I want it to go.  I get two pounds away from a 26 pound goal and I go up three pounds the next week.  Loose those three pounds and then gain them back.  I am on a plateau that feels like a yo-yo of sorts.  With 30 more pounds till my goal weight, it seems like Mt. Everest!  In about two months I will be at a year of changing my body.  I have to remind myself that I am down two dresses sizes, I can see muscles I did not know I had, and my scale is reading a number that is 20-24 pounds lighter than where I started… but I guess I thought it should read a 40-50 pound loss by a year.  UGH!!!

So when something isn’t working and I am ready to fight it AGAIN, I go back to my favorite friend…  Google Search.  I read many articles on plateaus.  This one made the most sense…  It gives tips of how to break out of a weight loss plateau… 

1. Exercise with more intensity or exercise harder

So this year I went from walking to running in 10 miles without stopping…  My intensity has come to a plateau since finishing my last six mile race.  I know I need to do sprint intervals…  That is my solution to intensity…  No to make me do it???  hmmm…

2. Do a different exercise at least every 3 weeks…

Still doing boot camp and that changes everyday…  The intensity has picked up too since I started with a new instructor… 

3. Do your exercises longer

So I exercise 5 X a week for at least 45min each time…  So I am going to try and add 15 min. to each session.

4. Do your exercises more often

I guess there is no law that says you can’t exercise more than once a day… Although I often tell myself that.

5. Workout twice a day

Like I said above.  This will be a challenge… but I will try!

6. Beat your last weight loss workout (do better than your last workout)


7. Make sure you’re eating right to lose weight

8. You need to eat less

Yeah, I know!

9. Get your Carb, Protein, and Fat ratios in check

A little science!

13. Be patient

Yeah, it’s been a year… 

So, I raise my water bottle and plug on…  Mini Goal by Christmas is 10 pounds and under that weight my body won’t let me get to.  I am armed with tips and a new goal…  I should get a good kick in the butt next weekend when I am trying bridesmaid dresses on.  Last time I wore a bridesmaid dress, I was a size 8 and 40 pounds lighter…  OY!