July 19, 2024

Fall Resources…

I updated the fall theme/unit at Teaching Heart.  Got rid of the dead links and added a few treats too.  You can view it here!

Some of my favorite goodies on the page include. 

In this book, your class will learn about different leaves and why they change color. As a class, go on your own leaf hunt in a nearby park. Their are instructions in the back of this book for doing leaf rubbings and for pressing leaves in wax paper.
You can make this into a book or use it in a pocket chart. Cover up
a word and have your students tell you the word that is missing! You can do many
things with these printable cards.
You can make your own or purchase our CD for October -December and use and modify ours to meet your needs. Clcik here to learn about the CD
We see a black cat
We see a red apple
We see a colorful scarecrow
We see an orange pumpkin
We see a green leaf.
We see a yellow moon.

***Free from the Teaching Heart Graphing CDROM!!!*What is your favorite fall activity?
Above are the free printables. Click here to learn more about these activities!
Fall Board Game from our CDROM. Click here to learn more!!!
For even more, click here!