July 12, 2024

Are you Ready to Go Back???

Teachers:  Are you ready to go back to school? 
Parents: Are you ready to send your kiddos back to school?
I feel like I accomplished all most of the things on my summer bucket list.  There are 1 or 2 things I did not get to, but all in all…  I am ready for back to school.  Ready for more routine.  Ready to move into fall (my favorite season, by the way!!!)  I asked my kids today what so far was their favorite part about their summer and they both said, playing with friends at the park…  hmmm?  You mean it wasn’t the soccer camp I paid an arm and a leg for or the various Little Gym Camps they attended?  Nope, if they could do one more thing it was a toss up between going to Chuckee Cheese (which somehow never got checked off the summer bucket list) or spending time with friends just playing at the park.   Our summer has about a week left and we have a few more days to check off a few more items on the bucket list…  We will get in at least one more summer fun day at the park back to school style and maybe we will do a few more things!!  I’ll update soon.
Teachers…  Some of you are already back at it doing what God wished for you to do (THANK YOU)!!!  Those that aren’t back at it…  I am sure you are stressing and wondering if you will get it all done and ready for the most important time of the school year… THE FIRST 3 WEEKS!!  Yes, those first three weeks set the tone for what the rest of the year will be like.  It is so important to work on transitioning from activities, teaching and reteaching and reteaching and reteaching classroom procedures!  PLUS don’t forget to model, model, model how to do even the smallest of tasks.  Yes, it is the first three weeks that will make or break the rest of the year.  Here are some links from Teaching Heart to help you do that!
My first week plans:
Ideas of what to read those first few weeks, plus many ideas to match…
Free Printable:
Treasure Hunt

Send the new students of your class on an adventure and help them get to know your classroom!

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