July 12, 2024

Fourth of July Goodies and Printables

Who’s Birthday Is It?

Some birthdays come in winter, Some birthdays come in spring. On birthdays there are games to play And lots of songs to sing.

My favorite birthday is in July, And it doesn’t belong to me! It’s the birthday that lights up the sky For all the world to see!

Rockets glare, trumpets blare, And bands begins to play. Happy Birthday America It’s Independence Day!

-unknown author

Here comes America’s favorite day!  Here are a few treats to get your celebration started! 

*I love Family Fun.  They have the best ideas.  You must check out their 4th day page filled with great ideas, crafts, recipes, games, printables, and more!

*DLTK is always as a must stop for kiddos on the 4th.  Check it out!

*This next recipe I am sure the kids will love, but mommy will enjoy it too…  Look at them berries poppin with fourth colors.  Mmmmmm!!!  This would be fun for the kids!
These Cream Cheese dipped Strawberries come from The Cooking With Kids Blog!
*Here’s something else that caught my eye…  4th Candy Centerpieces.  So cute!
These come from here!
What are reading to your kids to celebrate the day??/   Here are a few of my faves!
On Independence Day…

(sung to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”)

Fireworks go snap, snap, snap!
Crack, crack, crack!
Zap, zap, zap!
Fireworks make me clap, clap, clap
On Independence Day!

Oh, my…  How cute are these rice Krispie Treats???

They are from Class Brain! 
We love the USA!  I just made these heart shaped cookies and decorated them red, white, and blue!!!
Here is a special treat from Teaching Heart to you…  A free super cute ready to print candy bar wrapper.  All you do is print it on regular paper, cut it, wrap it around a regular Hershey bar and you have a great Fourth of July Favor all will enjoy! 
Do you have the 4th of July Mallows???  Click here for some Math Fun Ideas and free printables to go along with these yummy treats!
Teachers – Are you ready for back to school?  No fear, click here!