October 5, 2022

Moo… It’s Monday!

Loving the summer weather!  Kids are home and our first week off is already over.  It’s going to go fast! 
Diet: This week was really hard for me…  started out good, writing it down and then blew it over the weekend.  Had too much wine with old friends and Father’s Day brunch with French Toast did me in.  I was bad and I am going to beat myself this week to get down before weigh in on Saturday.  It’s my biggest loser week.  Hopefully I won’t be too cranky. 
Here’s my healthiest yummiest dinner this week…  Kabobs on the grill with fresh veggies.  Nothing beats summer grilling.  Check out my new cup filled with water and fresh squeezed lemon and a dash of Stevia!  My girlfriend gifted me this cup and it is helping me get those clean liquids in (Thanks!).  Do you drink enough water?  Click here and use this free water calculator to find out!  Also check out the health benefits of lemon water!

Also, wanted to share these apple sauce squeeze packs I first saw at Starbucks.  Completely clean and all organic…  My kids love them and I think they are great and a fabulous idea I wish I had thought of…  But…. LOOK at the killer price (4.19)  at over a dollar each with only four in a pack.  Come on, why do foods that are good for us cost more?  If you do want to try them, go get one at Satrbucks to try.  If you look for them at the store they were in a weird area of my local store…  the candy section???  

Here’s a deal, you can get 48 for under 30.00 on Amazon.  If you like these, this is the way to go for the better deal. 
Exercise:  I missed my boot camp this week.  I am good at getting Cardio in on my own, but boot camp mixes things up and gives me cardio and strength training.  So this is what my week looked like.
Monday – Quick 2 mile run in the hood.
Tuesday – Gym to run 4 miles.
Wed. – Ran three miles
Thurs. – I swam a little…  like half a lap!  LOL!
Fri – Went to a spinning class and my parts are still hurting.  It was a great workout though! 
Sat. – Run
Sunday – Run three miles
This week I am shooting for at least 10 hours of active exercise time.  I have four hours covered with boot camp…  Just need to fit in 9 more in to hit my goal!
Plan For This Week:  1.) Write it all down.  2.) Keep calories in low but not too low 3.) boot camp 4x this week plus get some sort of exercise in each day besides boot camp!  Hoping to log over 10 hours of exercise this week.  I will let you know how that goes!  Hoping I can put that running shirt on I told you about in a previous post by next week.  It will be a hard week.  UGH!
Need Some Inspiration???  I love reading posts from other weight loss victories.  Check out Amanda’s post here with before and after pictures!  I laughed when I saw this graphic she had on her post.  Gotta love Dr. Phil. 
Thanks for reading if you made it this far!  I wish you a healthy week filled with clean foods and good exercise!