August 14, 2022

Just a RANDOM thought…

One of my Facebook Friends posed this question as her status:
“I have to remind myself that it’s ok not to like everyone, and it’s ok to decide who’s in my world and who’s not. It’s ok, right?”
I loved the reply back and had to share…

I read somewhere… All the people around you are the mirrors of God sent to teach you something about yourself even if you do not connect with them or dislike them they fill a purpose in your life or perhaps God put you here to help them on their path. I don’t think it is humanly possible to like everyone we meet… But it helps me to think that they have purpose in our lives.

I think sometimes women are often too quick to make judgements of others.  Stopping and thinking that each person serves a great purpose from God helps me get through the days where some people may just get on my nerves. 

So how do you deal with people in your lives that get on your last nerve???  Do you push them off the bridge of your life or do you give them a little life jacket and help them float???