July 19, 2024

Teacher Appreciation – Make her say YUMMMY!

Personalize a Candy Bar just for your Teacher!  Here is one I did for a few  Teachers:

You can use a Teacher’s Name or just the quote, “Thanks for all you do!”
I forgot to take a picture of the back, but you can view a similar backing below. 
You can make your own by finding a candy bar template online and designing it to what you wish it to be.  Or click here order the back to school warpper and send in your custom print asking to change the sweet success to your Teacher’s name or anything else you wish.  The file is sent to you in 48 hours or less after you send in your custom print. 
You can use any large candy bar.  I buy the ones that come in packs of 12.  You just print the wrapper on regular paper and use a glue stick to make it stick!  I am using the cookie pieces kind for this wrapper.

For a printables similar to this one:
Check out our Teacher Appreciation Packet at

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